Translucent Sticky Notes (009)

Translucent Sticky Notes (009)


With a narrow width of 7,5 mm and a range of 12 colors, STALOGY’s Thin Sticky Notes are perfect for detailed classification and color coding. Bright pigmented colors are used on one end, with a large semi-transparent adhesive area on the other, keeping all sticky notes firmly in place without hiding any writing that’s underneath. Even though they are made of very thin film material, it is sturdy and hard to tear. Removing or resticking isn’t a problem, as they won’t leave any residue.

120 notes (12 colors x 10 notes)
Note measures 7,5 mm wide x 50 mm long
Large adhesive area prevents notes from falling off surfaces.
Made with sturdy film that does not tear easily
Made in Japan

In stock (can be backordered)

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