The Plant Magazine

The Plant Magazine


Inside the new Plant Magazine – a sit down with Emanuele Coccia in Paris to talk about plants, ecology, chaos and urban renewal, a series of gorgeous illustrated fruit adventures from Amelie Von Wuffen, a walk of life with British designer Margaret Howell, some thoughts on the landscapes of American photographer and activist Nan Goldin, and a profile on French artist Jean Dubuffet.

This bi-annual publication presents all things botanical in a neat, curious and accessible way. Featuring not just plants themselves, it expands its focus to look at the work of people who love or are inspired by them.

Size: 230 x 300mm / Pages: 207

About The Plant:

Twining from botanical roots through the fields of photography, art, fashion, food, ecology and horticulture, The Plant is a fresh view onto the growing world. A celebration of magnificent, modest, exotic and everyday plants, and the creative enterprises they inspire.

The Plant first blossomed as a biannual magazine in 2011, announcing itself as ‘a curious observer of ordinary plants and other greenery.’ Since that first issue, the magazine has commissioned special artist projects, photography portfolios, creative writing and reportage from established and emerging talents around the world. Offering beauty, scent, shade and sweetness, shelter, nourishment and warmth, The Plant is magazine as pleasure garden, promising something unexpected at every turn.

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